Shermin Voshmgir

Shermin is the founder of the BlockchainHub. She is on the advisory board of the Estonian e-residency program, a former curator of theDAO. She regularly speaks at conferences and consults on Blockchains, dApps & smart contract use cases in the context of the decentralized web. Shermin did her PhD in IT-Management at the Vienna University of Economics, where she used to work as an assistant professor and currently lectures blockchain related topics. Furthermore she studied film and drama in Madrid. Her past work experience ranges from internet start-ups, IT consulting & filmmaking. Among others her films have screened in Cannes and at dOCUMENTA.





Jawad Anani (born 1943) is a Jordanian economist and politician. After working for the Central Bank of Jordan in the 1960s and 1970s he held high ranking positions in the civil service. He has held several ministerial posts since 1979, including a four-year stint as Minister of Labour between 1980 and 1984. During the early 1990s he held positions as Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Minister of Information, and was involved in the peace-process between Jordan and Israel. During the later half of the decade he was Deputy Prime Minister for Development Affairs, Foreign Minister and Chief of the Royal Court. From June 2016 until January 2017 he was Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs in the cabinets of Hani Al-Mulki.





Amro is the co-founder of Market Trader Academy USA. He is an expert in the financial service industry with over 16 years of global financial markets experience gained throughout his tenure as a regional and global director of multiple tier 1 publicly traded financial firms. He is Consulted by banks, brokerage firms, and family offices on how best to participate in global markets as investors, traders, or service providers. Expertise include Fixed Income, Prime Brokerage, market making, ECN, precious metals, structured products, and options.

Amro is a frequent guest on many of the regional and global financial media outlets such as CNBC, AL Arabia, and SkyNews. His article have been published in local and international print media such as Investors Magazine and Newsweek Magazine.

Amro lectures at many universities as a guest speaker on topics related to the global markets.


Talal Tabbaa

Co- Founder

Jibrel Network

The jibrel network aims to be the first protocol to allow anyone to put traditional assets like currencies, bonds and other financial instruments on the blockchain

By giving traditional assets the properties of digital currencies, jibrel enables instant, free global remittances and payments, financial investment and trading as well as crypto-hedging, protecting crowdfunded projects from unforeseen downturns in the cryptoeconomy



Mohamed Roushdy 

Experienced CIO | FinTech | Digital Transformation | CXO Advisor | Speaker 

| PMO |  Consulting  | Strategy & Innovation

With more than 25 years of experience in Technology  of which more than 12 years as a CIO/COO in Financial Services industry (Conventional and Islamic). Mohamed Roushdy had been working for major financial services, conglomerate , Management Consulting and software services companies in the region. He had the distinction of being an executive team member on establishing four Islamic Finance startups in MENA  as well he led the IT team on the first ever transformation of conventional Bank into Islamic Bank in 2001. Mohamed worked for Major Financial services organisations in MENA 

as well worked as an Advisor with Booz and Co In establishing major financial services startup in North Africa  . Mohamed has a strong expertise in IT strategy, Governance, Applications Services, Networking, Information security and Infrastructure management / Cloud computing models. Mohamed had been focusing on recent years on technology disruptions in financial services such as Blockchain , Big Data , Machine learning /Artificial intelligence and IOT , as well exploring the role of FinTech as enabler or disruptor to incumbent Financial Services organisations.

Currently Mohamed is working as a consultant PWC at Saudi Real Estate Development Fund as Technology and Operations Transformation lead. 

Mohamed hold MBA from Manchester Business School (MBS) and received the award of Distinguished Ambassador of Manchester Business School - Middle East.Mohamed has been rated amongst the top 50 CIOs in the Middle East 2012 by CNME magazine and had been nominated as one of the technology leaders in Middle East by FT Summit in many years and had been speaking and charing  major regional and international Technology and Finance conferences. 





Dr. Fadi Khalaf was appointed Secretary General of the Arab Federation of Exchanges since September 2009.
Prior to this appointment, Dr. Fadi Khalaf was the Chairman of the Beirut Stock Exchange for 10 years (1999-2009).
Before moving back to Beirut, Dr. Khalaf worked as a Financial Consultant in France for 6 years (from 1994 to 1999).
Previously, he worked at the credit department in Bank of Beirut and made several studies on the development of the Forex department.
He worked also as a Technical Analyst consultant for a brokerage Firm in Beirut.
Dr. Khalaf has over 30 years of experience in the financial markets and banking fields.
He is one of the founder members of the French Association of Technical Analysts (AFATE) in Paris and a member since 1991.
Dr. Khalaf worked closely with the Lebanese Ministry of Finance on the draft of the Capital Market law and defended it in the Lebanese Parliament.
Dr. Fadi Khalaf holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Paris I - Sorbonne in France, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and the Diploma of Technical Analyst from the “Ecole d’Analyses Techniques” in Paris.
To his credit various research, publications and regional and international conferences in the field of financial markets, both in academic and professional level.

Aurel Ispas

Autodidact Polymath Polyglot Blockchain research and artificial intelligence development 
Investing is much more than making money. There is a side of investing that is internal, a wish to be right and to be right when many others are wrong. What is this worth to you? It most certainly is not worth risking your capital, but is it worth it risking a small portion of your capital? The answer to this question is partially mathematical and partially psychological, as you say. It is very important to realize that the risk tolerance threshold is very different for different traders or investors. Some would never ever do it, some would do it under some circumstances, others live to do this kind of thing. Everyone is different and therefore every trading strategy and every system to manage personal assets is also different in some degree or the other.

I guess the best I can say about your final paragraph: "It makes sense to add that computing a mathematical expectation of profit and loss, illustrated in the previous paragraph is not the only reason explaining behaviors of investors and traders. Negative mathematical expectation for Mega Millions Lottery is insufficient to explain why the majority of people throws their individual dollars." Very true, the answer to this question is not mathematical in the least, it is individual and internal. Every individual trader and or investor will have a different answer (at least in some degree).


Dr.Adli Kandah

Director General at Association of Bank in Jordan

Association of Bank in Jordan

 The University of Glasgow

I direct the daily business of the Association of Banks and developed a 3 year business strategy for the Association focusing on issues of importance for the banking sector.


Jean-Luc Verhelst 

Jean-Luc Verhelst is the author of Bitcoin, the Blockchain and Beyond and works as a strategy and blockchain consultant for Monitor Deloitte. He delivered multi-day trainings in EMEA and USA. He won the world’s largest blockchain hackathon of 2016 and his master thesis on Bitcoin received the award for best financial thesis of 2014 in Belgium. He founded the think-tank BlockchainHub Brussels and holds degrees in IT and Business. Most importantly, Jean-Luc has a real passion for Bitcoin, blockchains and how they will shape our future. He is also a well-regarded public speaker on Bitcoin and the Blockchain in Belgium with over 80 speeches in 2017.

Maha bahou

Executive Manager of Oversight and Supervision on National Payments System Department


Marios Panagi

Experience, Leadership, Execution, Loyalty, Results. Excellence is a habit.

Head of Marketing


For His Excellency Dr

 Mohammed Al Halaiqa

Jordan Economic & Democratic Forum



New York Institute of Technology – Jordan

Master's in Business administration, MBA


Al Ahlyyah Amman University – Jordan

B.Sc Business administration 


IMAN MUTLAQ, a dynamic leader and expert in financial markets, was born in Saudi Arabia. She’s a strong-willed character. She has never let her circumstances define her, and thus she erased all the negative voices off her mind. Challenges were always welcome to her, she was totally convinced that life is a daring adventure, in which we have to face and overcome our challenges instead of surrendering to them. As a single mother, Mutlaq was able to move forward independently, raising her two sons to see them all grown up, mature, and become successful young men. Although she had to delay her undergraduate studies to manage her responsibilities, her belief that it’s never too late to pursue your goals in life and achieve your dreams made her return strongly, and she successfully completed an MBA in finance and most recently her Chief Financial Analyst level one examination.





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