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Exhibition vision





Previous Events

ملخص أحداث المؤتمر

 الاقتصادي 2009


1. 1st Jordan Forex Expo 2007


2. 1st Jordan Banking Expo 2007


3. 2nd Jordan Banking Expo 2008

4. 2nd Jordan Forex Expo 2008

5. Dubai Economic Expo

6. 3rd Jordan Forex Expo


7. 1st Jordan AFAQ Economic Forum

     (JAEF 2009)


8. 1st MEBIT 2009


9. 4th Jordan Education Seminars


10. Irbed Food Expo

Through the extensive experience, which extends for more than 10 years after the successive successes achieved by AFAQ group in the economic organization of six events, which are: First Jordan Forex Expo (2007), First Jordan Banking Expo(2008),Second Jordan Forex Expo (2008), and Dubai Economic Expo October 2008, and 1st Jordan Economic Forum & Mebit Expo, and Jordan Economic Education Seminar AFAQ Group looks forward to the convening of this conference to provide all possible help to activate the mobility of local economic conditions in the international and Arab mixed, as in the Jordanian area of important economic developments and at all levels.


Sectors invited to participate:


Banks and all financial Sectors
Real estate and construction
Communications and information technology
Economic zones and development zones

Services Sectors

Industry Sector

Conference host large number of leaders of the sectors mentioned, the event will be an ideal place for investment opportunities and exchange of experiences, knowledge and open areas of the work of participants from different sectors.


The benefits of participation:


1.Exchange of information and knowledge, and opportunity to open up areas of cooperation between the two presidents Sponsors and participants.

2.Linked to sponsors and participants in the exhibition to give them the information system to take advantage of the offers and opportunities to be provided by the participants so as to link with the system continues to provide us with the latest developments and we'll send to all via e-mail.

3.each sponsor and participant in the exhibition will be able to advertising business magazine issued by AFAQ group at the announcement of a free 2 colored pages for the sponsor, and one colored for regular participant, the priority of the ads by registration and it will be distributed to the public and participants free of charge.

4.Press releases of Sponsors in the magazine.

5.publication of reports of the participants in the exhibition

5.Announcements will be broadcast in the local media with names and logos of the sponsors, benefit from the services of the media campaign accompanying this event

6.Each participant will be provided with an integrated shared file contains the proceedings of the conference and photo exhibition developer and television.

7.Sponsors will be honored by the patron of the conference.



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