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Through the extensive experience, which extends for more than 10 years and after the successive successes achieved by AFAQ GROUP in (JORDAN FOREX EXPO) for (4) years.

Therefore, we are honored in (AFAQ GROUP) to invite you to participate in (5th Jordan Forex Expo) (The Biggest Forex Show) which will be held between 3rd - 4th, May 2010 Amman - Jordan with participating of many companies, professionals, experts and analysts.

Event's Message:-
Looking into what the world is experiencing with the fast revolution in the economic and financial consulting in the different sectors especially in the FOREX locally and internationally and banking sector. All of which are factors to force investors to find the right place in the investing world .. FOREX, stock, securities and bonds, real estate. And get familiar with strategies of the investing sectors (profit sector) and diversity the investing are important rules used in the investing financial markets to obtain the balance between risk and return.
In the financial world, there is always who thinks different and has his own political /financial wisdom.

(5th JORDAN FOREX EXPO) is the meeting center point for many financial and investment institutions and brokers, in addition to all interested business owners. To show the standards and professional services to create transparency to attract different investment opportunities, especially after the last economic crises in last 2 years.




Dear All,




We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your very active participation in our recent:


5th Jordan Forex Expo 2010 & Jordan Afaq Economic Forum


AFAQ GROUP Chairman and all employees have also passed their sincere appreciation for your efforts in supporting the event.


Your high skills in exposing was very much appreciated by those who attending all two days.


As well, we have received numerous post exhibition for you all.


On both professional and personal level, we really appreciated the time that all of us were able to spend together during the expo down time.


We learn a lot about The unique aspects of operation from you all.


Again thanks so much for your enthusiastic participation in our expo, we have no doubt that it would be not have been the success that it was without you're all presences.


Please keep in touch,  and  looking forward to meet you again in


6th Jordan Forex Expo on 4th  5th May, 2011.


Very Sincerely




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