Business TO Business (B2B)

In these still-tight economic times, business owners may be tempted to skimp on promotion, especially when marketing to other businesses. Successful business-to-business (B2B) marketing needs to provide a steady stream of consistent messages across a number of platforms. Just having an online presence isn’t enough. Your B2B customers are still consumers and they need to detect coherence in your overall marketing strategy.

Start with strategy that maps your overall business strategy.
How much do you want to grow?
What markets will be most important to your growth?
What will constitute success in each of these markets?
Participating in 12th JOFIC is a good start for reaching other business owners who are potential customers. JOFIC 2017 provides a unique platform for business to be able to meet each other and an opportunities for a new business horizons. The conference rooms and exhibition area are in close proximity, giving the exhibitors excellent opportunity to meet attendees. The attendees will include the most important IBs, Banks and traders that are active in FX markets in MENA to take an active part in the 12th JOFIC 2017 as visitors, partners and exhibitors. Set up your participation in 12th JOFIC 2017 to support your achieving these goals, with content that makes your company easy to find, and helps convert prospects into clients. 12th JOFIC 2017 allow you the ability to get very, very targeted who receives your message, when they receive it, how they receive it and why,” Getting old-fashioned Old-fashioned networking should also be a priority when promoting your products and services to other business owners. Don’t get locked into one particular method of outreach to new and existing business-to-business clients. Participating in JOFIC is still the top way that businesses find their clients.
We will help you to Hold your marketing plan accountable for sales, and use analytics to continually measure results and refine your strategies.” JOFIC is the best way to reach customers.